“I tried to stop it.”

“But your crazy is so much more than I ever thought and you just had to, didn’t you?” Tears flooded my eyes and I didn’t try to stop them or wipe them away. “Because of me, right? To get back at me for throwing you out? For screaming at you? For blowing up your vision of screwing me and every other female that is stupid enough to fall for your bullshit?”

Sexonlegs was up and right in front of me in an instant. The dagger remained harmlessly at his side, but my hand was inching closer to it while my other dug into my pocket for Tasey. Thank that guy in the sky that I’d found her after kicking my murderous lover/stalker out.

“You think I killed him?” An incredulous look darkened his face that was even more overgrown with stubble. He shoved the hair back from his eyes and glared at me. “How can you…” He huffed as my fingers met the butt of his dagger. He may have taken my heart, but he was not taking my life. A shake of his head loosened his tangled caramel hair, but the glare on his face fled, replaced by a look I’d seen before. 

There was no time to stop it.

His lips crushed over mine, hard, demanding, and relentless. 

And I melted at the contact, at the way his breath filled my mouth, at the sensation as he claimed my hips and pulled me hard against him. All thoughts on fighting back, on taking his dagger and stabbing him in the gut while I shoved Tasey into his neck, fled my mind. He was oxygen and I was a fish out of water—but I couldn’t get enough. 

Adamaris pushed away suddenly, releasing my lips but not my hips. His raging eyes drilled into me, his lips wet and remaining parted with rough breath. “I didn’t kill him. Deep down you know I would never do that. You trusted me with your life and your heart.” He looked down as if ashamed, jaw clenching to make that muscle tick along its length. “At least I saved your life.”

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