Fallen Angel: Ashes of Eden Update – Plus two free love stories

The rewrite for the first novel in my new Fallen Angel Series is done. Phew! Now I have only 4 more rewrites to go. The series release will be later this year and each book will be coming out 4-8 weeks apart!
This is a killer writing marathon—and I am killing it (in the best possible way, of course.

Now, you may or may not notice, but the book number has changed on this cover from 2 to 1. Originally, I was planning to make this novel-length prequel the second series book, meant to be read as an expansion to the novella that is already available. Since the Fallen Angel novella (Dawn of Reckoning) has more than

tripled in length with the series revision, it no longer makes sense to keep the old order. Now the books will run in chronological order and each will be novel length.

With the series order change, the re-release of Dawn of Reckoning will be happening later this year after Ashes of Eden. So make sure you scroll down and grab the free novella before its re-release. And if you’ve already read Dawn of Reckoning, I’ve set the first novel in the Blood Bound Series free today too and have included some new releases from other authors too. Happy Reading!


Get What Lies Inside free here: http://bit.ly/whatliesinsidebb1

Get Fallen Angel: Dawn of Reckoning free here: http://bit.ly/DORfallenangel


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